maanantaina, syyskuuta 04, 2006

Googlismia will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!.

Tämä linkki löytyi Anita Konkan Sanat-blogista.
Hassutuksia tarvitaan.
Löytyipä tyttäristänikin paljon tietoa - painettua sanaa on uskominen :)

Googlism for: Liisa

liisa is dressed for the occasion
liisa is tasting thai
liisa is of the opinion that rich metadata is not a huge issue
liisa is our first featured caregiver of the month
liisa is made in finland
liisa is a slightly lighter weight version of the eeva with a lower profile
liisa is great
liisa is saying that they are not all that good
liisa is better than peanut butter
liisa is short
liisa is polite and pespectful and likes to watch and be with when them play
liisa is listening always when needed
liisa is amazing
liisa is just for juice
liisa is my thirdage name
liisa is the topic
liisa is not very interested in the show
liisa is staying
liisa is the finnish version of elisabeth
liisa is painting the shop in december
liisa is a candi
liisa is a graduate of the simon fraser university with a bachelor of business administration
liisa is a full
liisa is very common finnish form of elisabet and was first mentioned in a list of names in 1879

Ja Silja:

silja is still pleased to get such positive reviews
silja is a rather mysterious and opinionated diva who is almost unknown on this side of the atlantic
silja is the name of the seal
silja is what the germans call a kunstdiva
silja is wearing
silja is back
silja is as durable as it is beautiful
silja is an excellent marie
silja is supposedly even more luxurious than viking
silja is generally of a
silja is one of two
silja is a modern high
silja is tired
silja is working every day
silja is an accomplished artist who lives in finland
silja is still up in finland
silja is owned
silja is interested in clematis
silja is in
silja is more human than human
silja is a freelance journalist whose work appears in the christian science monitor and in these times
silja is a classical music fan
silja is
silja is taking picture
silja is a real bbw and loves outddoor

Maanantai-illan loppukevennys :)

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Liisa kirjoitti...

Täältähän löytyi Liisa! :)

sivuaskel kirjoitti...

Niin löytyi. Kuopukseni. Minun toinen nimi ja äitini nimi. Liisa. :)